I don’t know if this is legal, but is it normal at all?

This question is an argument we had today at Naijaloaded HQ.

A section of Bazefor9ja Team believe, an adopted son is an adopted son, a son that is not related to the family by blood but the family chose to take care of, if he falls in love with the biological daughter, it’s no wrong, they can marry.

Speaking in favour of the argument, Kabir Afolayan and Dazeefa creative said, as long as both of them love each other and are able to accept the fact that one is not a member of that family by blood.

Why will I use my money to train a son that I adopted and he will be pressing my biological daughter’s breast, have sex with her, and be bold enough to tell me he wants to marry her? – Mc Adioh asked in disgust

Sincerely speaking it is not right, I adopted him and make him my son, who will buy yam, pay the bride price and do some other things the groom parents do for the wedding? It is very abnormal and unacceptable. OG Deji concluded.

Guys, I have decided to post this here so we can know what you guys think. We need you to be honest 👇

Can An Adopted Son Marry The Biological Daughter Of The Same Family He’s Adopted To?

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