Good Evening Bazefor9ja, how una dey?

Alright guys. Let’s say you met this girl Cynthia on your way home from work. You guys exchanges pleasantries and contacts. As time goes on, you both started dating to a point of marriage.

All these while, you don’t really know her profession. Maybe she told you that she’s into business but did not specify the exact business.

Now you’re in love with her. Engaged her and set for marriage. Along the line, she decided to open up to you about her past occupation or job rather.

She told you that she was once into prostitution but now a changed person. What will you do? Break up with her immediately or continue with the relationship/marriage?

That brings us back to the previous question above. If Yes, state your reasons, if No, state your reasons also.

BE SINCERE!! Can You Marry A Changed/Repentant Prostitute (Ashawo)?

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