Online Dating For Educated Singles

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Helpful Tips for Dating Online When You’re a Highly Educated Single

There’s no shame in admitting it: if you’ve invested the time and effort required to acquire an advanced degree, there’s a high chance you’re seeking a partner who has done the same. But stodgy alumni dinners aren’t exactly romantic, and if you weren’t attracted to a classmate when you were both students, there’s a strong chance you won’t be attracted to them now. So, if you’re looking for singles with the same level of education as you, consider outside the box.

Enter—dating apps for highly-educated singles. These technology-driven solutions are the key to linking people based on common interests and common traits that might lend themselves to a more productive and amazing relationship. In other words, if you’re attracted to other smart folks like yourself, then a dating app for highly-educated singles should seem like the logical first and best step for you to find what you want.

In this guide, we’ve got a few great resources for you.  layout some tips to dating as smartypants, which are listed below

1. Decide Up Front Who You’re Looking For…

Have an idea of who you’d like to meet because there are so many people attempting to make a match. While you may be looking for real love, many others are interested in casual dating.

2. Let Your Smarts Show…

Show potential suitors that you’re up for the challenge if you’re looking for an intellectual match. Share your passions, areas of expertise, or areas of study, and let other singles know you’re ready to chat. Let potential dates know what you’re reading, studying, or listening to, and utilize that information to start a conversation with others. It’s also beneficial to keep this information current. If you’ve recently read something new and would like to discuss it with someone, include that information in your profile! It’s appealing to be enthusiastic about a subject.

3. Don’t Be a Snob

Nothing is more of a turn-off than arrogance. Be open about your intellect, but be humble about it. Use your smarts to invite conversation, not deflect it. Avoid playing the know-it-all. Even if you’re right, a few too many “actually”s can sour a conversation quickly. You can be smart and humble, too. Online dating is like being at a party: If you start a conversation and you find it doesn’t suit you, you can say a polite farewell and move on to the next person.

4. Shout Out Your Alma Mater

If you studied at a prestigious Ivy League school, or your college is known for a specific area of academic expertise, go ahead and let people know where you studied. It’s something to be proud of. If you’re not a fan of suitors doing pre-date internet searches, though, you may want to proceed with caution. The more specific the information you provide, the easier it will be for others to find information about you online. Still, if you’re proud that you attended a prestigious university, it’s a great thing to share with potential suitors.

5. Put a Conversation Starter In Your Profile

When you’re well-educated, mentioning that you’re looking for more of the same can appear snobby. Instead, include an icebreaker question that leads to a more in-depth discussion. You don’t have to go outside your comfort zone, and a small conversation is still important, but choosing an engaging topic can go a long way. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone what their favorite movie is, but you’ll get a more nuanced, and presumably intellectual, response if you ask a more subtle question.

6. Be Open-Minded

Your definition of highly educated may vary from someone else’s. A doctorate can be a sign of intelligence, but there are plenty of brilliant brains who have committed themselves to lifelong learning without the hefty price tag. But if you need proof on paper, there’s room for that too.

7. Be Open to Long Distance Relationships

If you’ve entered the world of professional academia, you know jobs are hard to come by—especially tenure-track. With so few jobs to go around, whether you’re a professor or still a teaching assistant, unless you want to date a colleague, you’ll likely be expanding your search beyond your own campus.

8. Expect to Take it Slow

Unless both you and your potential partner have completed all your academic and professional goals—highly unlikely if you’ve got a love for learning—time will be at a premium. Teaching, research, and writing all take time. In a publish or perish world, be prepared for a longer getting-to-know-you period than you would in a regular dating scenario.

9. Challenge Your Assumptions

What does a “smart” person look like? Not every highly educated single looks like a librarian. A marine biologist and a software magnate don’t necessarily have the same sense of style. You’ve read plenty of books in your time—you know better than to judge them by their covers.

10. Treat the Experience How You’re Used To

Treat dating apps the same way you would a research project: get on, see who’s online, and observe. Once you’ve gained a sense of where you’re at, start reaching out to people who share your interests, whether academic or not.

Be yourself, your intelligent, well-educated self. Arrogance is a turn-off, but be proud of your achievements and don’t be hesitant to discuss them. Mention if you’ve lately released a book. But don’t get stuck in the past; dating is still a “but what have you done lately?” scenario. The only way to discover someone who shares your interests is to be forthright about them.