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The Ten Most Bizarre Online Dating Apps

There is someone for everyone out there. There’s also a free app available for everyone. The online dating industry has flourished in recent years, with a market worth more than $2 billion per year, a 5% annual growth rate, and a fundamental shift in how people find love. Nudists (Naturist Passion), horse enthusiasts (Equestrian Cupid), Mile High Club devotees (Wingman), video chat addicts (Coffee Meets Bagel), and even vampires have their own dating sites (Vampire Passion). And that’s only the start. It’s no surprise that the sector continues to evolve because finding love is so high on so many people’s wish lists. Here are a few of the most interesting dating apps and websites available.

1. Settle For Love

As the name implies, this is all about accepting your flaws and understanding that in order to settle down, you must first settle.’ Users are encouraged to post both positive and negative photos of themselves, as well as discuss their positive and negative characteristics.

2. SaladMatch

This app will pair uses over their preferences in the salad. Started by NYC restaurant chain, Just Salad, Salad Match will find you a date. Users login through Facebook and share their favorite salad, their preferred lunchtime location and time, and Salad Match serves up potential matches; complete with their salad of choice and Facebook profile picture.

3. Bristlr

This app is designed for women who have a thing for beards. As they describe it, they ‘Connect those with beards, to those who want to stroke beards. It’s a pretty straightforward premise, but will likely fade once the lumberjack looks moves on.

4. Feeld

This is similar to Tinder in many ways, only it connects you with threesomes. The app was once known as 3nder, but it changed its name to avoid a lawsuit from Tinder. The program works for both couples and singles, and it validates people using Facebook without disclosing personal information.

5. HighThere!

This platform is exclusively for marijuana lovers to connect over all things green. Users can pick their energy level when high (for example, are they a couch potato or avid explorer) and can also choose their preference for consumption (vaping, smoking or ingesting). CEO Todd Mitchem created the app after a great date abruptly ended, once he mentioned he smoked pot.

6. UglyShmucks

This website is for ugly people or those who enjoy dating ugly people. The website promotes itself as a place for those who respect true character over outer appearances. That doesn’t appear to be such a horrible thing.

7. Mullet Passions

If you love mullets, really, really love mullets, this is the place to go. The site wants you to ‘surround yourself with people in life who share your passions – even if that passion is business up front, party in the back.

8. Can Do Better

This surprising concept involves a current couple submitting their picture to the site, the community then votes on which of the couple ‘could do better and the ‘winner’ then gets submitted to the site. It’s a harsh breakup tactic but takes gaming to the next level.

9. Herpes Fish

This website is for persons who have already been diagnosed with herpes. It’s intended to avoid awkward STI discussions and allow couples to focus on what they do best.

10. Marry Me Already

To join this site, you must be willing to marry. Users may enter right into a relationship that’s ready to go down the aisle because there’s no casual dating allowed.