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If you’re single, don’t be a feminist -Mike Bamiloye

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Gospel Actor and film producer, Bro Mike Bamiloye has advised the chrsitian single and married ladies to be wary of the feminiist movement. To the single sisters he says, the movement might make them miss the will of God for their lives and to the married he says, they might lose their homes.


The post which has since then had 462 retweets had differing opinions. While some of his followers supported his notion, others explained that feminism is about equal opportunities for everyone one irrespective of gender and others outrightly said he was wrong. 

His tweet reads:


If you are a Single Sister, DONT JOIN THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT! The Feminist Movement May make you miss the Will of God for your Life.

If you are MARRIED, don’t join them either, IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE. The Feminism want to CONTEST the Head of the Home.

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