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Ogun: 10-year-old boy shot by herdsmen paralysed, to undergo surgery (VIDEO)

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A 10-year-old boy, was one of the survivors of the recent attack on Ebute Igbooro by suted herdsmen have been paralyzed as a result of the bullets fired to his head.


Recall Ebute Igbooro, a community Yewa North Local Government Area, was attacked at night by men suted to be herdsmen.


While four persons were reportedly killed, many others, cludg children sustaed juries, even as houses were set on fire.


Speakg about the 10-year-old survivor, a fluencer, Bimbo Cash, narrated how the boy has been bedridden sce the cident.


It was said the boy’s stepmother and siblgs were hacked to by the attackers.


Accordg to her, the boy needs to undergo surgery, addg about eight bullets are yet to be removed from his head.


She said: “I was at a hospital Ogun State when the matron dragged me to see a 10-year-old boy shot the head by Fulani herdsmen. He needs to undergo surgery. 8 pellets (are) still logged his head and he was pa. They hacked his step mom to , killed his siblgs, 8 months baby and shot his father and several others. His father was taken to another hospital.


“These guys vaded the Igbooro community at night, moved from one house to another, shootg and machetg people. They killed an 80-year-old.


“He needs to be operated on as soon as the deposit is . Government is supposed to take responsibility for this care. I’m angry the boy is layg there without hope.


“The boy’s right arm and right leg are paralyzed already, which means the bullets the bra are affectg other parts of his body,” she explaed.


Meanwhile, it was gathered the Ogun state government is now on top of the situation.




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