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TOP 7 Millionaire Dating Sites: Where Rich Guys Find Dates Online

Why waste any more time at local clubs if you’re a billionaire man and still single? Why not seek out the best in your area and throughout the world? After all, having impeccable preferences is part of the appeal of a wealthy man.

An online dating site that caters to wealthy guys looking for gorgeous women is the greatest approach to do that search. We’ll go through seven of the best-reviewed dating services that cater to rich singles and the attractive ladies that can attract their interest in this discussion.

Seeking Millionaire was our top pick, with an adaptive search field, a large membership base, and a new approach to rich men dating in the modern era. Below are seven more websites that reached our top ten list.

1. Seeking Millionaire – Best Dating Site for Rich Men to Use

SeekingMillionaire is a specialty focus group created by the creators of Seeking Arrangement. The site was founded in 2007 and now has over 20 million members who are primarily interested in a “arrangement” of money and beauty.

The Seeking Millionaire website not only offers a special arrangement, but also goes one step further and encourages long-term love and commitment among its members. The site matches users together, for wealth and beauty, as well as other important qualities like compassion, personality, and honesty.

Wealthy men and women can seek a relationship defined by pampering, allowances, and pleasure travel on their own terms. Not only is the Seeking website one of the most popular sugar daddy websites, but it also allows you to have a more meaningful relationship than a sugar baby with benefits.

2. RichMeetBeatiful – Best Millionaire Site for Relationships

Because they advocate “elite matchmaking,” which means gorgeous and high-earning single men, Rich Meets Beautiful dislikes the term “sugar daddy.” It’s clear that Rich Meets Beautiful is aimed towards male millionaires looking for independent-minded yet still attractive ladies. Sugar babies are, by definition, not welcome.

The dating service does, however, provide certified millionaires as well as a more serious scientifically based pairing method. Based on a checklist of preferences, members are offered profiles that are “perfect” for their distinct personality. Unlike many other rich-themed sites, the site boasts a significant female-to-male ratio.

3. Millionaire Match – Best Millionaire Seeking Millionaire App

Millionaire Match dates back to 2001 and currently has over 4.5 million active members, with certified millionaire profiles. The site embraces “successful” members, meaning they don’t do sugar dating, but elite millionaire matching.

You can meet someone “as successful as you are”, indicating you can meet another millionaire, someone who understands your journey and rise to success. Millionaire Match aims to help CEOs, celebrities, athletes, lawyers, and other entrepreneurs who appreciate how hard it is to find someone they actually respect, and could love in a serious relationship.

It’s easy to find flings, but not easy to find a rich person who has both soul and personality. That’s where MillionaireMatch carves out its niche.

4. Established Men – Best Site for Beautiful Women Seeking Rich Men

Established Men is an online matchmaking service that is focused on helping beautiful young women find mature and wealthy men to date. The site, which dates back to 2009, isn’t very straightforward about its aims or the benefits it offers members. The site is fairly minimal.

However, Established Men does allow both men and women to start searching their local area immediately for a date, and does promise strict guidelines for member registrations. The staff responds within 24 hours after a registration and will delete any sketchy profiles, including ads by prostitutes or escorts.

5. WhatsYourPrice – A Rich Man Dating Site With a Twist

What’s Your Price has an intriguing concept in its approach to rich men dating – bid on the woman you want to date, and what you’re willing to pay for her allowance, expenses, and companionship. The site wants to make the sugar dating scenario easy for everyone involved. Men are assured quality dates and women get verified rich profiles to browse.

The theme is “leveling the playing field” for men, by putting a price on such a confusing subject as sugar dating, and also making it fun for women to take more interesting men. The site also spares members most of the awkward chat, instead getting straight to the point.

You browse, you bid, and then you go on the date as agreed upon, without any promises or games.

6. – Newer Alternative to Seeking

SugarDaddie is one of the most popular affluent men and gorgeous ladies dating sites online, with over five million members. Since 2002, the elite matchmaking service has been locating sugar dating partners and assisting members in finding love and romance, as well as providing dating guidance.

In addition to long-term partnerships, SugarDaddie offers millionaire man profiles, local matching or swiping, sugar daddy dating or baby relationships, and no-strings-attached encounters. The website, which has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, assists men in finding the ideal relationship while also assisting women in finding successful, ambitious, and attractive companions.

7. Elite Singles – Best Site for Wealthy Professionals

Elite Singles lives up to its name by matching “elite” individuals, such as millionaires with millionaires and other career professionals. The site is so focused on finding love for professional career singles that, unlike most applications, it doesn’t even offer a fling finder. Instead, you take a personality test, create a profile, and wait for your matches to arrive.

The site does not need all members to be millionaires, but it does require them to be career-oriented, well educated (85% of members are college grads), and what they term “high quality prospects,” or people who are wealthy in more ways than one.

Elite Singles is one of the most dependable dating services for the upper-income class, with an innovative Five Factor Model-based test.


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