Top Well Paid Careers in Nigeria

Top Well Paid Careers in Nigeria

Top Five Well Paid Careers in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are several jobs that stand out from the crowd, with enticing take-home earnings.

Everyone want to be successful, and choosing the correct professional route is crucial.

While some Nigerians make just a bit more than the minimum wage, if one has the necessary skills and certifications, there are some employment that pay significantly more than the minimum salary on a monthly basis.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 highest-paying jobs in Nigeria, in no particular order, based on information from internet sites like and insiders in these sectors.

1. IT Security Analyst/Programmers/Ethical Hackers/Engineers

In general, the globe is becoming more technologically advanced as new computers and technological gadgets are released on a daily basis. As the demand for information and technology security analysts/programmers, hackers, and engineers grows every day, so does the demand for information and technology security analysts/programmers, hackers, and engineers. The roles of these professionals will always be needed as long as IT remains a revolutionary instrument in the commercial sector.

These specialists’ responsibilities include, among others, maintaining internet security, producing and developing computer software, testing and assessing computer parts and software.

In Nigeria, these occupations pay between 134,000 and 400,000 Naira per month. Here are some examples of software developer salaries.

2. Surgeons

The importance of surgeons in any community cannot be overstated. Because of the sensitivity of their work, they earn a lot of money in Nigeria. Surgeons are medical doctors who have been trained to perform a variety of procedures, both general and specialty.

While surgeons spend time planning for procedures, examining paperwork, and visiting with patients, the most important job they play in the operating room is to perform precisely and effectively. Surgeons must be adequately compensated because it is their job to save people’s lives.

Depending on the sector in which they operate, surgeons in Nigeria earn between 200,000 and 568,000 Naira per month on average (private or public).

3. Airline Pilot

Airline pilots in Nigeria are well compensated, as they are in charge of the aircraft’s operation as well as the safety of passengers and cargo. Because of the delicacy and risk inherent in the work, pilots earn comparatively well, as the lives and safety of passengers are in their hands.

Pilot wages can be found here. However, various criteria must be considered when determining the typical wage of a commercial pilot in Nigeria, such as the pilot’s years of experience, type rating, airline, flying hour, and rank.

The typical monthly income for a First Officer is between 200,000 and 500,000 dollars, while captains make between 500,000 and 3,000 dollars. here

4. Project Managers

Project managers are in charge of designing, implementing, and overseeing a variety of initiatives inside their organizations. The pay of project managers is determined by the company’s reputation. Project managers in start-ups and small businesses may not be compensated as well as those in large corporations. Project managers in large manufacturing enterprises, telecommunications companies, large oil and gas industries, and FCMG’s earn a lot of money every year.

The average monthly salary for a project manager in Nigeria is between 269,000 and 803,000 Naira. Specific project manager salaries can be found here.

5. Business Manager/Director

In any industry, the position of a business manager is critical. The position of a business manager is one of the most difficult jobs these days because the whole success or failure of the company rests on the shoulders of the business manager. Because of the obligations that come with the post, from achieving corporate goals to enhancing efficiency, being a business manager or director can be a difficult career path. The responsibilities of a business manager/director differ from one company to the next. To run a business, all business managers are charged with the job of leading the work of others.

For their difficult tasks and roles, business managers are equally rewarded. The average monthly compensation for a business manager/director in Nigeria is between 200,000 and 700,000.

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